July 21, 2024

Different Types Of Horse Racing Bets

Horse racing is a very popular type of betting, and as a result, there are numerous bets to consider, as well as something to learn with each new topic. Here are all of the popular types of bets and horse racing bets that you might encounter.

How To Bet Safely

Do your homework

Thousands of dollars are bet on horse races every year, yet a tiny fraction of those people do any research before making their pick. Even a brief examination of the racing schedule ahead of time can improve your chances substantially.

Shop the odds

Shopping the odds is a simple way to improve your overall payout, and it applies to almost all wagers rather than just horse races. Fixed odds, on the other hand, do not work in pari-mutuel betting since there is no mechanism for controlling the pool size.

Bet on multiple races

The basic math is straightforward: the more times you wager, the more chances you have to win. And if you bet on a number of races, you are already a better gambler than most people. This does not mean you should use the multiples horse bet, which should only be used by advanced gamblers. The Kentucky Derby, for example, is one of the most-watched sporting events in America. In terms of money spent on horse race betting during a single year, according to Statista, around 70% of that total is paid up during the Kentucky Derby.

Try different types of bets

Horse racing is one of the most popular sports in nearly every country, and it has a long history. Every region has created its own approach to gambling and regulations over time. However, many countries utilise the same types of bets with a distinct name, so I will keep that in mind.


A single wager is a bet in which you only put money on one horse throughout the race. For example, one horse to win the Gold Cup.


Doubles are popular with a lot of horse racing bettors, whether it’s at the Grand National or Melbourne Cup betting types – you can get doubles on all events. A double is made up of two separate races that you’ve wagered on and selected as your outright winner.


The same as double and single, three-race horse racing bets allow you to bet on the outright winner of three separate races.


If you’re looking for the best types of horse racing bets, accumulator bets are some of the most efficient. An accumulator is a bet that involves placing multiple wagers on one major wager, such as all five races at Cheltenham in a day.


Trixie bets are made up of four bets with the same value on three events, such as three doubles and one treble.


A patent is a wager with three separate outcomes, such as three singles, three doubles, and one treble. The doubles and trebles are frequently responsible for pushing the overall price of the bet well above its odds.

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