July 21, 2024

Betting Trends to Watch in 2024

Betting trends provide bettors with a data-driven approach to sports betting. They allow bettors to formulate strategies based on past results, potentially leading to profitable outcomes.

KT Group anticipates increased collaborations among sports leagues, teams and betting operators in 2024. Such partnerships will facilitate creative promotions while further enriching the experience for sports betting enthusiasts.


Sports betting has seen dramatic advances over the past decade, offering new wagering options and improving customer experiences. As an industry with tremendous potential, the U.S. recently lifted long-held prohibitions against sports gambling; nonetheless, classic bets like horse racing and soccer remain attractive among punters.

Artificial intelligence (AI) plays an integral part in sports betting, from improving customer service to recognizing problematic gambling patterns. AI-enhanced predictive models that analyze player performance and historical data can also help optimize betting odds and lines; recommendation engines tailor offers and promotions specifically to individuals based on past behavior; while AI monitoring gambling activity and detecting patterns that would be hard for humans to spot.

Live betting has quickly captured customers in the US, where NFL games feature shorter timeouts and commercial breaks than their European counterparts. Same-game parlays make placing multiple bets easier; this trend should continue as we approach NFL playoffs. Furthermore, virtual reality and augmented reality will enhance betting experiences by transporting users into immersive virtual environments, so they can enjoy placing bets on their favorite teams without leaving home!


AR technology in sports betting promises to revolutionize how fans engage with their favorite sporting events. AR overlays offer bettors real-time odds and live data feeds from sports leagues for an immersive betting experience, while virtual characters provide them with social interaction and increase engagement by offering tailored avatars that match up with personal tastes and preferences – further enriching AR technology as an engagement booster!

Digitalisation has also opened up an entirely new market, making sports betting accessible even in remote parts of the globe. Increased internet connectivity and mobile devices have made placing bets simpler from home; this trend is expected to continue into 2024 further expanding accessibility and convenience of sports betting.

Regulators have responded to the gaming industry’s increasing popularity with tighter responsible gambling measures and stricter iGaming business obligations to promote responsible gaming, identify vulnerable players and break their cycle of problem gambling proactively. These measures will play a pivotal role in sports betting success by 2024.

Biometric authentication

Biometrics will remain a central aspect of betting in an era when security is of utmost importance, serving to verify identities and prevent fraud. They also make for convenient sports betting as they offer high levels of security while giving users an unforgettable experience.

Virtual reality technology is another rapidly developing trend in sports betting, enabling bettors to experience sporting events from the comfort of their home without the hassle or expense associated with traveling there. Bettors find this immersive and engaging experience appealing, which could increase its use by more operators as more bettors take up this form of betting.

This year has seen massive expansion for the iGaming industry and it is generating record revenues in bellwether gaming states such as New York State. New York lawmakers cannot ignore its massive revenue potential and may regulate it by 2024; it should be remembered however that iGaming differs significantly from online gambling as it requires strict regulatory compliance with anti-money laundering and responsible gambling policies and practices in order to avoid penalties imposed upon operators.

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