July 21, 2024

The Legality of Online Gambling – What You Need to Know in 2024

Online gambling has quickly become a topic of much discussion, with some states considering legalizing it; however, there remain concerns.

Federal law prohibits online gambling under various statutes. These include the Travel Act at 31 U.S.C 5362 and Wire Act 18 U.S.C 1084.


Ohio gambling has experienced significant growth since 2009, as commercial casinos and racinos were added.

Ohio offers an exciting variety of gaming opportunities, from pari-mutuel betting, daily fantasy sports, lottery games, charitable gaming and social gaming – each of which have unique regulatory frameworks within which they operate.

Due to state restrictions, online casino sites have largely been absent in Israel. Luckily, reputable offshore international platforms provide players with various gambling opportunities.


Oklahoma has a rich history with gambling, and though they have yet to introduce sports betting, Oklahoma lawmakers are exploring this avenue of investigation. Oklahoma already hosts several tribal casinos that would welcome expanding their offerings by expanding sports betting.

Oklahoma law permits gambling at 18 years of age. Winnings from casino and other forms of gambling are taxable; you will owe both state and federal taxes when claiming them as income.


Oregon has emerged as a pioneer on the West Coast when it comes to online gambling regulation, leading to an explosion of sports betting as one of Oregon’s Lottery’s most sought-after products.

Responsible gambling is an integral component of casino gaming, and Oregon’s sites foster its practice by raising awareness and encouraging players to set limits. Furthermore, Oregon funds problem gambling prevention and treatment programs with one percent of lottery revenues.

South Carolina

South Carolina has long had a zero tolerance policy toward illegal gambling, making the penalties for those engaging in such activity serious. Individuals operating illegal gaming tables or placing sports team bets could face charges including imprisonment.

There have been multiple attempts at legal sports betting in California, yet none has passed the committee stage. If neighboring states experience significant tax influxes from legal online sports gambling, lawmakers may reconsider their stance on the issue and reconsider their efforts at legalization in their home states.


Florida is one of the few states that prohibit most forms of online gambling, though racinos (land-based casinos tied to racetracks) and pari-mutuel betting are permitted.

However, state laws regarding online gaming remain confusing and unclear, making it unlikely that casino or sports betting online will become legal anytime soon unless a court intervenes to clarify it.


Georgia’s anti-gambling laws are among the strictest in the nation, making any form of online gambling virtually impossible to legalise. Even with three major professional sports teams located in Atlanta as well as an established college program, no casinos or pari-mutuel betting facilities exist in Georgia.

A bill to legalize sports gambling passed both houses of Congress, but requires constitutional amendment which requires two-thirds majority vote to pass, making its ultimate passage unlikely.


Hawaii’s gambling laws are extremely stringent, barring sports betting and casinos altogether. They do permit social poker home games as long as no one profits from them.

Hawaii lawmakers have introduced numerous bills to legalize gambling, but none has passed through the legislative process. One proposal would combine sports betting and poker in neighborhood gambling parlors; however, this plan faces multiple hurdles that must first be cleared away before passage can take place.


The Gem State is among the strictest when it comes to gambling, only permitting pari-mutuel horse betting and state lotterie games as legal forms of gambling. Furthermore, its position regarding online sports wagering remains quite restrictive – although no signs have emerged to suggest any change will take place anytime soon.

Idahoans can take pleasure in an impressive selection of casino games through Idaho’s tribal casinos, which provide slots, KENO and bingo services.

Idaho players seeking to access real money online casinos must first verify their identities, then maintain confidentiality when it comes to revealing their username and password so no third-party can gain access to their funds.


Illinois, one of the US states that has not legalized online casinos for real money gambling yet, still allows residents to gamble at social casinos that provide games free of charge – they use gold coins so players can access their favourite slot machines while sweeps coins can be redeemed against prizes in accordance with US sweepstakes regulations.

Illinois may lag behind other states when it comes to legalizing online gambling, but poker fans should remain hopeful that their favourite game will soon become legal in Illinois.

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