April 17, 2024

BC.GAME Welcomes David Luiz as a New Brand Ambassador

David Luiz has been announced as the official brand ambassador for BC.GAME. David is a professional footballer for the Flamengo team in Brazil. Luiz will continuously work collaboratively with BC.GAME in his performance as the crypto casino’s brand ambassador. He will assist with promoting the casino platform and interacting with the public through live-streaming and social media platforms.

David Luiz as BC.Game’s Brand Ambassador

David Luiz’s partnership with BC.GAME will further increase the exposure of crypto casinos. As a new brand ambassador and one of Brazil’s most notable football players, Luiz can relate the BFC with the crypto casino site and increase the company’s player base in Brazil.

David Luiz will primarily interact well with crypto casino groups, mainly through social media. Additionally, he will reach numerous fans and players via Twitch, an engaging streaming platform designed for entertainment and gaming.

The Growth Opportunities for BC.GAME

Brazil also saw a growth in players in online crypto casinos. Many prefer to participate in crypto casinos due to their ease of use and security. BC.GAME has also rapidly expanded its gaming assets, including sports betting, and it’s one of Brazil’s most widely used types of betting options.

The collaboration is an excellent chance for BC.GAME to widen Brazil’s marketing and increase brand awareness. Brazilian football supporters and online betting geeks will be more able to participate in digital casinos and sports events now in BC.GAME has entered the Brazilian crypto casino and online gambling event. The above involves welcoming more prominent sports betting access to high sporting events such as the FIFA 2022 World Cup.

Who is David Luiz?

David Luiz Marinho, better known as David Luiz, is a Brazilian professional footballer from Diadema. He is a member of the Flamengo Sports Team, a Rio de Janeiro-based Brazilian athletic club. Although Luiz primarily serves as a center-back, he can also play as a full-back or central defender.

Why Should You Be Concerned?

Because of their unique gameplay and possibilities to acquire cryptocurrency or prizes, BC.GAME and crypto casinos are becoming extremely popular. With millions of sports fans worldwide, sectors are becoming more knowledgeable about its impact on the global economic system and the industry.

More cash will be poured into the scenarios in the years ahead to advance the acceptance of crypto technology, allowing more players to keep pursuing sports betting as a future job, and more pro athletes will arise—the collaboration between a professional footballer for the Flamengo team in Brazil and BC.GAME could benefit both sporting events and the emerging gaming crypto casino industry.

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