April 17, 2024

BC.GAME is Hosting a Tesla Giveaway, $2.1M Raffles, and World Cup Signed Merch

To celebrate the official opening of FIFA World Cup 2022, BC.GAME hosted the event “Coco Carnival” with AFA to give away a brand new EV, raffle $2.1M worth of prize pool and get a personally signed merch from Messi. BC.GAME has also recently funded $100,000 to sports bettors who can win big prizes while supporting their favorite teams. Below is more information so that you can join.

BC.GAME’s $2,100,000 Prize Pool

World Cup Coins are the key to Coco Carnival’s Wager and Win contest. This event runs from November 20, 2022, through December 19, 2022, 23:59 UTC. So have as many CUP coins as you can before the event ends for better prizes! Should you own a world cup coin, you can get a ratio of $2.1M. Just keep in mind that CUP quantity limits how much you can receive.

Therefore, log in every day, follow their authorized social media pages, and more. If you want it simple, buy 10 CUP tokens for $1. You may win 15% of the prize pool, $315,000 if you rank first! Meanwhile, if you drop short, this wagering contest will give the Top 100 a percentage of the jackpot.

Tesla EV Giveaway with Other Mega Prizes

From November 20 until December 10 (00:00 AM UTC), you may scoop up a brand-new Tesla! The Coco Carnival Mega Giveaway event page will take you toward the next stages. Simply sign-up and categorization procedures must be completed until CWallet confirms your registration.

Aside from the latest offering Tesla, which everybody wishes, you may also win other packages like iPhone 14, travel vouchers, and cash prizes. Joining takes minutes, but the rewards are endless.

After all, nothing is more amazing than registering and winning the next day. After winning, Mega Raffle recipients must wait five working days for the rewards.

AFA Jersey with a Twist of Messi’s Signage

As BC.GAME collaborated with AFA, sports enthusiasts and fans will indeed join the fun upon learning that Messi’s AFA signed jersey would be given away. For you to join, you must support any of your favorite teams in the World Cup 2022 through bets. If you become the lucky bettor with the most payout bet, then you’ll be granted a limited match from Messi!

Access the main event page here: https://worldcup.bc.game/

More sportsbook and World Cup events are here: https://forum.bc.game/forum/101-sportsbook-promotions/


When it comes to betting with cryptocurrencies, BC.GAME has always been a pioneer. It offers players, live bettors, and wagers from all over the globe an experience that is both smooth and realistic, similar to that of a high-end casino game. Coco Carnival has emerged as a prominent start-up thanks to its partnership with AFA, and it will soon take over the casino industry. Additionally, BC.GAME is a trustworthy organization that holds a valid operating license issued by Curacao. They never fail to pass all of the required materials, which helps to ensure that their reputation continues to improve.

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