June 14, 2024

How to Organize a Successful Bingo Event

Bingo is an enjoyable fundraising event that can raise a substantial amount of money for your organization. Setting it up is simple – all you need are some supplies and a caller! Bingo nights have become increasingly popular over recent years due to their ease of setup and low costs involved.

You’ll need a venue for your bingo fundraiser, such as a school cafeteria or church fellowship hall. Hosting a bingo fundraiser is an enjoyable way to raise money and engage your community!

Organizing a bingo fundraiser

Are you searching for an enjoyable, low-cost fundraiser that benefits the community? A bingo event is the perfect option. People love playing bingo and it’s simple to organize.

Bingo fundraisers typically charge participants a small amount per game and give them the opportunity to win prizes donated by local businesses or individuals that benefit the charity. Another method involves giving winners tickets that can be exchanged for various levels of prizes.

Before the bingo event begins, organizers must inform everyone taking part which charity they are raising money for. While they have the right to deduct stakes, entry or participation fees and costs associated with providing prizes from the total raised, they cannot profit personally from it.

Selling tickets

Selling tickets is an integral aspect of any bingo event, helping to promote the event, attract participants and ensure all funds raised go towards good causes.

One of the best ways to sell charity game tickets is through an online ticketing platform like Donorbox Events. This cost-effective choice can help you move tickets faster.

Another way to increase ticket sales is by offering raffle prizes in addition to regular bingo. These prizes are usually donated by local businesses and can add an extra layer of excitement for guests!

A break open ticket lottery is a charitable lottery in which players purchase break open tickets from an accredited organization and attempt to match numbers called or symbols dabbed on seal cards with those on the tickets. The prize goes to the person who correctly matches up these patterns of numbers or symbols with those found on their ticket.

Calling the game

The caller is responsible for calling out bingo numbers as they are drawn. Usually, this individual sits above the crowd so everyone can see him or her clearly.

Players match the numbers printed on their cards with those called out by the caller. The first player who matches all of these numbers correctly on their card wins.

Some games require players to match just one number for a prize, while other require all numbers on a card be matched in order to win the jackpot.

Bingo balls are plastic ping pong-style balls used in bingo games. They come in sets of 75 or 90 and must first be mixed and selected by the caller before being called out by them.


Prizes at bingo events are an integral element in drawing players and raising funds for your organization. Typically, winners receive cash prizes; however, if your organization does not possess a gambling license, other types of rewards could be given instead.

First and foremost, create a budget for prizes you plan to offer at your bingo fundraiser. This will enable you to decide how much money to set aside for them without going over budget!

Second, research the various prizes available. You can find plenty of local community prizes like clothing or sports equipment, or contact a business in your area to inquire if they would donate a prize.

Before the event, send letters to pupils and parents with booking forms (for tickets and food). Also, post reminders on your PTA’s Facebook page if applicable. Divide up prizes into categories like ‘one line’ or ‘full house’ for easy reference.

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